About Us

Northampton Dog Walker provides a selection of pet services. Whether it’s dog walking, pet sitting, dog photography or pet transport we aim to offer the highest quality at competitive prices. 

Read on to discover why we feel you should consider us when choosing someone to care for your loved pet. 

Northampton Dog Walker - Dog Walking, Pet Sitting, Pet Taxi & Dog Photography

Trust Indicators

  1. Fully insured for all services offered. 
  2. DBS security checked for your peace of mind.
  3. Dog first aid trained. 
  4. Type 1 Animal Transport Licence holder. 
  5. Award winning service. 
Archie (Border Collie) - About Northampton Dog Walker

What makes us different

Customer focused

We have lots of previous experience running our own people focused small business. Before moving to Northampton I owned a travel related business that served thousands of customers for many years. Identifying customer needs and meeting them is what's important to us.


You need a dog walker or pet sitter you can rely on. My previous business was leading hiking tours and I never cancelled a single trip. I'm in excellent health. Having climbed mountains in all weathers walking dogs in the wind and rain is literally like a 'walk in the park' for me.

Quality not quantity

To give each individual pet the attention they deserve we limit how many we attend to. Dog walks are limited to a maximum of 4 dogs and usually less. We won't walk dogs together if their personalities do not match. We also consider activity level when matching dogs on walks.

Value for money

We ensure that our prices are competitive with the competition for all our services. We don't cut any corners in the service we offer. Every aspect receives attention to detail, from the places we like to walk dogs to the quality of the vehicle and cages we use to transport pets.

Pets are individuals

All pet owners know that all animals have their own distinct personality and we take account of this. For example our dog walks will be different depending on which characters we happen to be walking. Finding out what sort of walks your dog likes is one of the first questions we ask.

Free extras

We are not the only dog walking company to offer photo updates but we think the quality of ours is unmatched. All the images on this website are our own work. We would love the opportunity to capture your pet's personality on camera!

Who Am I

My name is Gary Box and I have lived in Northampton since 2015. My partner Ewelina and I moved from London. Archie, a 7 month old Border Collie rescue joined the family in March 2016.

Following the sale of my travel business I decided to start a local dog walking and pet services business.

My other hobbies include hiking and photography.  

Gary Box - Northampton Dog Walker
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