Pet Transport

Vets appointment, dog grooming booking or moving house. Our pet taxi service can assist with your pet transport needs.

Pet Taxi Services

Maybe you don't drive or your own car is off the road. Many taxi companies don't allow pets so why not use our pet taxi services? Our dedicated vehicle complete with Lintran safety cages and lots of space is just a call away. 

We can take your pet to the vets or groomers on your behalf so you don't have to take time off work. 

Moving home and not sure how your pet(s) will get to their new home? Moving companies are great at getting your furniture and belongings to the new home but what about our furry friends? 

We can also assist if you need to collect a pet from a breeder or if you need to rehome a pet due to change in personal circumstances. 

Whatever your pet transport needs, we can help. 

Dog Walking a Border Collie
Pet Transport Northampton

What we expect

If your pet has any known conditions we ask that you make us aware of these at time of booking. 

Cancellations must be made by 8:00pm the evening before the booking.

Payment can be either by bank transfer or cash in advance. 

Pet Transport Prices

Hourly rate

£ 18
  • Transport to / from vets
  • Moving house
  • Collecting from breeder
  • Transport for rehoming
  • Dedicated vehicle

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