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Thankfully I have never found myself in a position where we have lost our dog. Pets do go missing all the time but many are reunited with their owners. Sometimes this is with the help and power of social media where the message gets passed across the country. In other cases a service like PetsLocated helps reunite owners and their lost pets. PetsLocated are based in Daventry but it’s very much a national, online operation.

PetsLocated – What is it? is simple:  A national online resource designed to reunite missing pets with their owners.  Animal centres, rescue services, vets and individuals, once registered can list any lost and found pets – including full descriptions and photos. The website’s automatic search technology works around the clock searching and matching, and e-mails owners as soon as a potential match is made. The unique service ensures that matches happen very quickly rather than people having to trawl through huge listings.  At the time of writing there are 20,436 found pets listed on the site.

The online system will match up lost and found pets and the potential owner can then contact the finder using the secured messaging service; all details of both parties are kept hidden unless either person chooses to share their details with the other.

This ensures that all personal details, including the whereabouts of the animal, are confidential and protected.

Found animal postings are Free of Charge.

Lost animal listings have a nominal subscription fee, per pet, ranging from £5.00 for 1 month to £12.00 for 12 months.

Further information can be found at

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