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Dog Painter Irina Petrova

In an earlier post I highlighted the work of a pet portrait artist called Lorraine Gray. In my other job as a web designer I was also recently contacted by another dog painter called Irina Petrova. Being impressed by the quality of her work I agreed to design her website and help with her Google rankings. You can view the website below:

Irisha’s Pet Portraits

Irina uses the name Irisha for her pet portrait work. She’s not just a dog painter either and is happy to accept commissions for cats and horses too. It’s fair to say that hand painted dog portraits form the bulk of her work.

Dog Painter Irina – Examples of Past Work

Like most other pet artists Irina usually produces pet portraits from photos that are supplied by the client. A dog painter will require one photo that will form the main pose and represents the dog’s character and personality. Other photos can also be supplied to assist the artist with fine details like fur texture and colouring. Most of Irina’s commissions would be a ‘straight’ dog portrait like the following example.

Dog Portrait - Irisha's Pet Portraits
Dog Portrait showing beautiful texture & detail

I think you will agree that this is an impressive pet portrait. The fur looks so real you want to stroke it! I can imagine this framed and taking pride of place in the owner’s home. Another great example of the quality of Irina’s work is the following Dalmatian dog portrait.

Dalmatian Dog Portrait
Dalmatian Dog Portrait

It’s often said that the eyes are the windows to the soul and in both of the above examples the eyes really help reveal the true personality of the dogs in question. Sometimes a client is looking for a dog painter who can produce a pet portrait of two or more dogs. Often they don’t have a photo of both dogs that they like. In such instances Irina is able to produce a dog portrait from two or more different photos, usually with different lighting and backgrounds. The skill of the artist is making this look completely natural. The following dog portrait of two Spaniels is a good example.

Portrait of Spaniels
Dog Portrait – Spaniels

Dog Painter with humour

An increasingly popular trend is for dog portraits with a little humour. Often this might involve the artist adding human clothes (often military uniforms) or other props which give a more human personality rather than the traditional ‘straight’ portrait. The following dog painting of three Basset Hounds titled ‘Family’ is a good example of this style of pet portrait.

Dog Painter Basset Hounds
Dog Painting of Basset Hounds

If you have been looking for a dog painter and like the look of Irina’s work why not visit her website. She will happily answer any questions you have.

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  1. Very impressed with the pet portraits you shared. I’ve checked out Irina’s website and really like some of her other work too. I have a very close friend who is doggy mad who has mentioned looking for a dog portrait artist. I will get her to take a look at Irina’s work.


    1. Hi Claire,

      Yes I like Irina’s work and her prices are pretty good too compared to some dog painters.

      Thanks for taking the time to leave a comment.

      All the best

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