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Dog Walking Jobs

April 2020 Update – I’ve recently started a new dog walking website called Premium Dog Walkers. We plan to operate in many UK locations including Northampton. If the idea of becoming a self employed dog walker interests you, please get in touch.

Northampton Dog Walker has now reached the stage where we are turning away 90% of the enquiries. The time has come to decide whether to expand or stay small. This article is aimed at those of you who are looking for dog walking jobs in the Northampton area. The same applies to those looking for dog boarding jobs locally too. So why am I currently forced to turn away so much work and what sort of person would be suited to a dog walking job?

Dog Walking Jobs – High demand at peak hours

Most the enquiries we get are from people looking for a dog walking service while they are at work. The peak hours tend to be between 10:00am and 3:00pm. There are only so many dogs one person can attend to between these hours.

We are also forced to turn down some work due to the location. The traffic in Northampton continues to get worse which has forced me to narrow the area I serve. Based on the volume of enquiries we receive it would be possible to split Northampton into 3 or 4 different areas and for each to still be very busy.

Dog Boarding Jobs – Looking to pass enquiries on to others

Dog boarding was a service I used to offer. I found the council licence fee was fair but the impact on my house insurance premium was not. My licence only allowed me to board 2 dogs from the same household or one otherwise, and for me it was not economic. Even though I stopped advertising this service I still get lots of enquiries. If you offer home boarding and are not as busy as you would like then I would love to speak with you.

Dog Walking Jobs & Dog Boarding Jobs – Possible candidates

I’ve been giving this some thought for a while. There are a number of people who might be interested in a mutually beneficial arrangement. Below I list some scenarios of the sort of person who might be interested. Even if these don’t describe you, if dog walking jobs appeal to you still contact me if you would like to know more.

  1. You may already be a dog walker but find you are not as busy as you want to be. If this sounds like you why not get in touch? Our website does very well in Google search and we have more dog walking jobs than we can handle alone.
  2. Are you are animal loving person looking to work outdoors for limited hours? The hours of 10-3 or 11-2 might be perfect for you if you have to do the school run for example. This would especially suit you if you already have to walk your own dog during these hours.
  3. Perhaps you have looked at becoming a dog walker but the cost of the right vehicle and cage system was prohibitive. For most dog walkers half their day is spent collecting and delivering dogs and the other half on the actual walks themselves. By splitting the tasks you could be walking dogs without the high initial setup costs associated with the transport and cages.
  4. Maybe the idea of walking dogs appeals but the marketing side of starting your own business puts you off. Why not just work the hours you want? No additional time spent on your own website, updating social media platforms and associated marketing efforts.
  5. Perhaps you would like to share your home with dogs and look after them while their owners are on holiday. Many owners much prefer the home from home feel to kennels. When we offered this service it was very popular and we still get enquiries on a regular basis.

Ideally we are looking for people who would work on a self employed basis as we do ourselves. At this stage we would just like to meet people to see how this could work for both parties. The phone calls and emails keep coming in for new dog walking jobs and I need to decide if expansion is a possibility. So if you are looking for dog walker jobs in Northampton I look forward to hearing from you!

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  1. Hi Gary,

    I would be very interested in having a chat. Dog walking is something I have thought about for a
    while but due to other commitments haven’t taken the next step.
    Look forward to hearing from you.

    Marie Dunkley

    1. Hi Marie,

      I’m no longer looking for other dog walkers to join me. Feel free if you want to call to ask any questions should you be thinking of starting up by yourself.


  2. hello I want to start walking dogs im 13 but I want to walk dogs for the fun I love animals and I just feel so happy around them in take great care of them and I hope I get some money pout of it for my school future

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