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I’ve recently started a new pet services business dedicated to Pet Courier services. In this post I wanted to tell you how it came about and what the plans are going forward, both for the new company and for Northampton Dog Walker.

Pet Courier Service – Why Start A New Business?

During the Coronavirus lockdown demand for dog walking and pet sitting services pretty much vanished overnight. What I did notice however was that I saw an increase in requests for pet transport, something that had previously only been a minor service for us.

I decided to investigate further and noticed that there was indeed a large spike in people wanting a pet courier service. This was mostly due to the fact that the government had warned against travel that was non essential. Those who needed to collect a puppy from a breeder were instead told to use the services of a pet courier.

Not knowing how long it would take before dog walking requests returned to normal it made sense for me to focus on the pet courier work and even optimise my pet transport page of the website to rank better for the search terms.

Starting PetsA2B

My work in optimising Northampton Dog Walker for pet courier terms went really well and I was soon getting lots of enquiries. I enjoyed the work and I began to question what I should do if and when lockdown would end. It didn’t seem to make sense to abandon pet courier enquiries and return to dog walking, for a number of reasons:

  • I’ve never liked having all my eggs in one basket. I didn’t like the feeling of suddenly being without an income and was very thankful that pet courier enquiries had given me both an income and something to focus on during the boredom of lockdown.
  • With dog walking enquiries still well below pre virus levels, Linda and Fiona could look after most of the needs of our dog walking and pet sitting clients.

Once I had decided that I would like to continue with pet courier work I decided that in the long term it would be a good idea to start a new business dedicated to it. I wanted a domain name that was targeted more to pet transport. Since enquiries were coming in from all over the UK I also wanted a name with a more national focus rather than include my home town in the name.

During this time I was also talking to Iain Fraser at Bedford Dog Walker who was also considering switching from dog walking to pet transport. We agreed to work together on the new business and I decided to call it PetsA2B and began to build the new website. You can see our new website by clicking the following link.

PetsA2B Pet Courier Service

The Future For Northampton Dog Walker

I’d like to try and combine PetsA2B with Northampton Dog Walker but it will mean some changes. Many of the pet courier enquiries I get are long distance and very tiring if you do it 5 days a week. It’s clear however that I won’t be available to walk dogs 5 days a week either. As such any new enquiries are being offered to Linda or Fiona as they will be the main dog walkers. I’ll be able to help out from time to time and still meet the dogs I’ve enjoyed walking over the last few years.

New enquiries are coming in quickly now and I know that it won’t be too long before Linda and Fiona have as many dogs as they want. Neither likes to do group walks of more than 2 dogs. I’m hopeful that someone I know will also join the team soon. They are looking for a career change, already own a dog themselves and they already know many of the dogs I walk.

I’ll keep everyone updated of these changes but if you have any questions please just ask.

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