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Abington Park

Abington Park

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A popular dog walking location for those living in Northampton. Plenty of free parking and dog waste bins. Some owners might not like the busy roads surrounding. Also has a lake which can be seen as a pro or a con.


It only recently came to my attention that I’ve never reviewed Abington Park as a dog walking location. I can’t quite think why as it’s local to me and I’ve walked dogs here fairly regularly prior to Covid19.

Abington Park – Initial Impressions

Abington Park is a huge space that is rightly popular with Northampton residents. It’s mostly an open area with mature trees. There is a lake in the middle of the park which is popular with bird life and with some dogs. There is plenty of free street parking. It can be a busy area on a hot summer’s day when the schools are off, no doubt because of the playground area and the ice cream vans.

Dog owners will also appreciate the dog waste bins at Abington Park which are a fairly common sight. It can get a little muddy after heavy rain but generally there is a lot to like about Abington Park if you are a dog owner.

Dog Walking at Abington Park
Hudson in Abington Park

Speaking as someone who is interested in photography, Abington Park is also one of the best locations in Northampton for autumn colours as hopefully the main image to this article shows.

Abington Park – Facilities

For most dog owners the basic facilities they are looking for are parking and dog waste bins. There are other facilities though which all users might appreciate. There are toilets near the bowling green and cafe. The cafe serves meals, snacks and drinks 7 days a week. I’ve never used the cafe myself so can’t comment on the quality, prices or whether it’s dog friendly. If I get the chance I will check it out and update this post.

There is also Abington Park museum which is housed inside a 15th century manor house. The house used to be owned by Elizabeth Bernard who was William Shakespeare’s granddaughter. She is buried in the grounds of the Church of St Peter & St Paul, another landmark you will no doubt see when visiting Abington Park.

For kids there are playground facilities and it certainly seems a popular place to visit for parents during school holidays.

In summary Abington Park is certainly a dog walking location to consider. If your dog has poor recall and a tendency to chase squirrels you might have concerns about the busy rounds that surround the park. For most dogs however, Abington Park has plenty to recommend it, especially if you live nearby. What are your thoughts about Abington Park? Feel free to leave a comment with your thoughts and opinions.


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