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Dog Car Ramp Review

Not long after I started this business I purchased this dog car ramp but have only just got around to reviewing it.

Pet Gear Dog Car Ramp – Why I purchased it

The car I use for this business is a Citroen Berlingo. It has a very low bumper height making it easy for even small dogs to jump in to my Lintran cage. As well as dog walking I also offer a pet transport service. Sometimes this means collecting a dog from the vet who may be unsteady on their feet. This was what initially led me to investigate the idea of buying a dog car ramp. I also used to walk an elderly Rottweiler who needed to be lifted into the cage. Being a large breed of dog there was always the possibility of having a back problem from this heavy lifting.

After some basic research the dog car ramp I decided to buy was the Pet Gear Tri-Fold Pet ramp which cost £69.00 from Pets at Home (delivered to branch of your choice). I’ve linked to the product on Amazon though as the price is usually slightly cheaper.

Pet Gear Dog Car Ramp – What I like

The product is made from a solid plastic but feels very sturdy and has some weight to it. Being a tri-fold design means it takes up less space but even folded this item is still quite bulky. The end that rests on the rear bumper is slightly curved. It also comes with a small carabiner to attach it to the vehicle for extra stability. This dog car ramp is longer than many, meaning the angle of ascent is less. This is especially true on my Berlingo which has a low bumper height.

Other good points about this dog car ramp is that it’s relatively wide. This should give extra confidence to your dog. The surface is described as skid resistant. Basically it’s like a sandpaper material which means your dog will have good traction on the ramp, even in wet weather. This model also supports pets up to 90Kg or 200lbs. For many this dog car ramp may be overkill for your needs. For someone like me it made sense to get a ramp with lots of features as I transport dogs of all shapes and sizes.

Pet Gear Dog Car Ramp – What I Don’t Like

Whilst this dog car ramp is fully featured it’s not perfect. Some of the following criticisms however are likely to apply to all ramps. Firstly there is no getting away from the fact that even folded it’s still rather bulky and heavy. Since my cage takes up the most of rear of my vehicle I have to store it in the passenger footwell. I can also unfold it and attach it to the top of the cage. Mostly though it’s left at home as I’ve hardly needed to use it.

The main problem with this ramp however is that dogs just don’t seem to want to use it. Unless the dog is used to using a ramp, most will be apprehensive of anything new. It was even a job to get my own border collie Archie to stand on it in order to get the photo for this article. Maybe lining the ramp with tasty treats is the answer!

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