Dog Sitter Nottingham - Walks and Cuddles

Dog Sitter Nottingham – Walks and Cuddles

2024 update. Sienna has since decided to cease her pet business after relocating to Sheffield.

I’ve recently been working on the web design and SEO for a Nottingham dog sitter called Sienna who uses the company name Walks and Cuddles. I’ve helped a number of people with their websites and Google ranking. Most however have been just starting out whereas Sienna has been working successfully since 2016.

Dog Sitter Nottingham – Initial Contact

I’m a member of a Facebook group for people who work in the dog walking and pet sitting industry. It’s a useful resource for sharing information and advice. It’s not unusual to read comments from people asking about how others approach marketing and whether a website is worthwhile.

Often, many dog walkers and pet sitters can be very negative about websites. Usually this is either due to fear about things they don’t understand (tech phobia) or because their own attempt at a website failed to get them a huge increase in business. Unfortunately a website without work on search engine optimisation is always likely to fail. Your website needs to rank within the first 3 or 4 results on page 1 of Google for your main search terms to really see a big increase in enquiries.

Sienna already had a website which was ranking on page 2 and 3 for her main search terms. She had however managed to get a decent number of customers and reviews from other marketing methods. In recent months though new enquiries had begun to dry up and there had been a number of new competition starting up in Nottingham. I replied to Sienna’s post and gave her some information.

Nottingham Dog Walking Website

Sienna decided to go for a new website design. We agreed that the new design needed to feature her logo in a much larger size. Being quite detailed and intricate it was impossible to read her logo on the previous website. She was quite clear on what colour schemes she liked. Already being in the pet services business also meant she had worked out which services she wanted to offer and what prices she was charging.

The design took a few weeks during January. In February I have been working on search engine optimisation so that Walks and Cuddles is near the top of Google for all the main search terms. Some of the main search terms I am targeting include:

  • Dog walker Nottingham
  • Dog walking Nottingham
  • Dog sitter Nottingham
  • Pet sitters Nottingham

At the time of this blog post Walks and Cuddles is on page 1 for the main dog walking search terms. We have also seen improvement on the pet sitting terms but it will take a few extra weeks before the process is complete.

When the weather improves I have agreed to visit Sienna again to take some high quality photographs of some of her client’s dogs and to also try and record a video which showcases her business and services.

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