Pet Portraits - Two Rottweilers

Pet Portraits by Lorraine Gray

It’s not unusual for us pet owners to want a photograph or painting of our pets as much as a photograph of children or other members of the family. Whilst I offer a dog photography service, for those who like the idea of a painting you might want to look at the pet portraits by Berkshire based artist Lorraine Gray. A pet portrait is often a popular option when the pet in question has passed away. We tend to have fond memories of all our past pets. When it’s impossible to schedule a photo session with a pet, a pet portrait can be a great option. Most pet portrait artists just need a reasonable photo of the pet to work from.

Lorraine has been painting pet portraits for over 20 years. Lorraine contacted me for help with her website which needed a fresh look. In doing the redesign of her website I’ve been able to see the quality of her pet portraits, whether that’s dog portraits, cat portraits or horse portraits.

Pet Portraits – How Lorraine Works

Lorraine gets most of her commissions via her website. She also has a decent number of repeat customers who having used her service, ask her to paint subsequent pets. As mentioned earlier she asks for a photo or photos of your pet to be able to work from. Lorraine likes to try and capture the personality of the pet in her portraits so it helps if you submit a photo that you feel captures your pet perfectly. It’s not unusual however for her to ask questions about your pet so that she can get a better sense of the character she is being asked to paint.

Lorraine works in both pastels and oils and produces portraits in a wide range of size options. Pastel portraits are cheaper and many feel pastels are an ideal medium for pet portraits. The prices quoted on her website are for unframed portraits. This reduces shipping costs and gives the customer the chance to pick their own frame. For those who prefer to purchase a framed pet portrait, Lorraine does offer that option with a good range of frames to select from.

Pet Portraits – How to contact Lorraine Gray

If you want to know more about Lorraine’s services you can visit her website:

Pastel Pet Portraits by Lorraine Gray

You will be able to see a good selection of her work as well as her prices. For even more examples of her work you can follow her on both Facebook and Instagram (links to both on her website). Pet portraits represent a great gift idea for that difficult to buy for relative. Indeed many of Lorraine’s commissions tend to be from people buying gifts. She even has a gift certificate option on her website. Around this time of year commissions for Christmas start to come in. If it’s something you have been thinking about you might want to act sooner rather than later.

**August 2019 Update** If Lorraine is unable to meet your needs you might also want to read my recent blog post about Irina Petrova who is another pet portrait artist I recommend.

Dog Painter – Irina Petrova


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