Dog Walking Solihull

Dog Walking Solihull

During the latter half of 2018 I was contacted by Graham who was looking to start a dog walking business. Offering dog walking, puppy visits and overnight pet sitting (in the client’s house) he was concentrating on people living in Knowle, Dorridge and Bentley Heath. He settled on calling his new business Knowle Dog Walker and he asked me to help him with his website and search engine optimisation. The three villages mentioned are relatively small in terms of population. What you tend to find is the number of competitors reflects a local population so living in a less populated area need not be a concern. My keyword research however seemed to indicate that Graham should also target the term ‘Dog Walking Solihull’. It’s possible that people living in these smaller villages may use a nearby larger town name when carrying out a search on Google.

Dog Walking Solihull – Knowle Dog Walker’s website

The website was completed and within 2 months it was on page one of Google for the main search terms. Graham has been very good in keeping his website fresh by blogging about pet related topics. He’s also been active on Facebook, posting images and getting likes. Building a new business can take time, even when you have a good Google ranking. Graham is doing all he can to improve his chances of success. Before starting his business he joined me for a day to see what it was like and to ask various questions.

Graham is passionate about animals which I’m sure comes across to his customers. He also seems to be a very fit and healthy person which is important. People like to feel they can rely on their dog walker. Someone who is sick all the time or seems to cancel every time it rains soon begins to lose clients.

If you know someone looking for dog walking in Solihull or surrounding area why not contact Graham to see if he can help. You can out more about his services and how to contact him from his website as follows:

Knowle Dog Walker – Dog Walking Solihull and surrounds.


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