Wedding Day Dog Care - Woof Woof Weddings

Wedding Day Dog Care – Woof Woof Weddings

Wedding day dog care or wedding dog chaperone service as it’s sometimes known is becoming increasingly popular. We have even had a couple of requests to provide such a service. It’s not something Northampton Dog Walker offers. Weddings generally take place at weekends. Being busy Monday to Friday I like to try and keep most weekends free for other hobbies and interests. I was however recently contacted by Jennifer who lives in Ayr, Scotland. Jennifer was keen to start her own wedding day dog care business and asked me to design her website for her.

Wedding Day Dog Care – Typical Services

Previously the wedding couple would merely be looking for a wedding dog sitter or a home boarding service to cover the honeymoon. With the increase in dog friendly wedding venues, more and more couples want their pet to attend the actual wedding service and reception. For some couples their needs are quite basic. These might include transport to the various venues, keeping the pet comfortable and ready for the photo shoots. For others the service can be quite extensive. An extensive service might include trip to the groomers on the big day and their own doggy attire! The top packages will often include the home boarding, attendance at the dress rehearsal and special training if the pet is going to be the ring bearer!

Wedding Day Dog Care – Woof Woof Weddings Website

Jennifer contacted me after seeing my dog walking website to ask if I could design one for her too. Jennifer decided on the name Woof Woof Weddings, which I feel is really catchy. The domain was available and so we made a start. Jennifer’s friend designed some logos for her. Feedback from friends and family helped narrow down the choices. Personally I really like the final logo choice. I don’t think you can underestimate how a good logo can help make you look professional. The Woof Woof Wedding’s logo certainly does that.

The design phase of the website is pretty much complete. We are now moving on to the search engine optimisation. Being such a niche type of business it’s hard to know what keywords to target. All the usual techniques I use don’t reveal many terms that attract large volumes of search queries. I’ve explained this concern to Jennifer but we both feel there is definitely a demand for this service. During her own research Jennifer found a good number of dog friendly wedding venues.

Jennifer certainly seems determined to make a success of Woof Woof Weddings. It would be hard to find someone with more dog and cat experience. She followed her parents by breeding, showing and judging dogs. Jennifer has also won awards at cat shows for her Birmans. So if you are looking for wedding day dog care near Ayr, Scotland why not check out the Woof Woof Weddings website below:

Woof Woof Weddings

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