Vets4Pets Review

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+ Caring staff
+ Free parking
+ Open 24 hours
+ Honest

– Part of large chain

Are you registered with Vets4Pets in St James, Northampton? If so why not leave your review between 1-5 stars or leave a comment at the end of this article.

User Review
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When you first become a dog owner you need to think about which local vet to use. Other local dog owners who have lived locally are always a good source of information. Failing that most of us are likely to turn to Google and check out the reviews. Archie our Border Collie is actually registered with a couple of local vets. One of these is Vets4Pets in St. James which is the subject of this review.

Vets4Pets – Why we registered with them

Vets4Pets was not actually the first vet we registered with. When I started this business I originally offered a home boarding service. Part of the council requirements to obtain the licence was to be registered with a 24 hour vet. As it happens Vets4Pets in St James’ Rd, Northampton is my local 24 hour vet. We therefore registered with them. Since registering with them I’ve discovered a number of other dog owners I know are also registered with them. Almost everything you hear about them in passing is positive.

Vets4Pets – What I like

I’ve already mentioned that this is a 24 hour vet which is handy if you ever needed a vet in an emergency in the middle of the night. They have free parking and I’ve never know the car park to be completely full. The staff are always friendly and the advice given seems honest. Honesty is important as some vets will ask you if you are insured the minute you walk in. It’s as if the pound signs are visible in their eyes! Vets4Pets explain the options but importantly, also the chances of success. They won’t push you into expensive blood tests if experience shows they are unlikely to reveal the problem.

Another example of their honesty is that they give you the option of just buying the prescription from them. Most medication can be obtained far cheaper online.

So are there any negatives to report? To be honest I’ve not found any personally. They do seem to be part of a large chain of vets. Online reviews of other branches of Vets4Pets are less than glowing. It’s probably fair to say it’s the staff at the St James’ Rd branch that make the difference. If you would like to know more about them you can click here for their website.

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2 thoughts on “Vets4Pets Review”

  1. I use Vets4Pets St James and would highly recommend them. The staff are helpful and friendly to both pets and owners. They also have an option to pay on interest free plan on higher bills I think over £200, this is great if you don’t have pet insurance but care about them enough to take them to a vets. I get a regular prescription from them and order meds online.

    • Hi Sharon,

      Thanks for commenting and the useful information. I’ve spoken to a number of pet owners in Northampton and lots seem to use Vets4Pets in St James and I’ve still not heard a bad word about them.

      Thanks again,

      Northampton Dog Walker

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